Priscilla's Friends

A massive flood hit a small town near the Mississippi River. One levy in
the river had broke, causing the flooding to occur while another levy was
predicted to break in the hour.

A man who owned a house along the river stood on the roof of his house as
water had engulfed the rest of it. Water levels were slowly rising. A
rescue boat came to save the man from his house. The boat approached and
the rescuers told the man another levy was about to break and the water
would move over his house, sweeping him away to his drowning death. The
man told the rescuers he did not need help because he believed in God and
that God would save him. Twenty minutes later, the rescuers returned,
trying to help the man escape. Once again, the man waved off the rescuers
saying that God would save him. 

Eventually, a rescue helicopter appeared and they called to the man with a 
bullhorn, offering to bring him aboard, telling him that the levy was about
to break and the valley was going to flood any minute. 

The man said once again that he believes in God and God would save him from
the levy should it break. A few minutes after the rescuers left, the levy 
did indeed break and the rushing waters engulfed the house, carrying away
the man to his drowning death.

When the man reached the Heavens, he stood at the gates to enter. He told
the men at the gates that he wanted to see God. When he saw God, he asked,
"What happened? I thought you were going to save me? Why didn't you save

God replied, "Well, I sent two boats and a helicopter."

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