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Subject: The Third E-mail to the Corinthians
Date: 24/03/65 21:07:33 ROMAN standard time
From: Apostle Paul
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Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, to brother Timothy and
the church members at Corinth who are using e-mail accounts other than AOL.

I will send a separate message to those using AOL accounts, knowing how
primitive their e-mail service is at the present time.

And before I forget, Aquila and Prisca send you hearty greetings. I found
their e-mail amidst today's flood of lewd solicitations, virus warnings and
get-rich-quick messages, in which there is no real profit.

This is the third e-mail I am sending to you. Did you receive my other two?

I check every day at the Web Cafe near here, but I've  receive nothing but
junk mail so far. If you can't think of how to respond, just hit 'Reply' so
I at least know you are getting my stuff.

In my first e-mail message, I wrote to you about faith, hope and love, but
received a "Delivery Failure" notice the next day. I sent it again, this
time with an urgent prayer to the Lord that it may yet reach you.

I copied my second message about the Divine Treasure within us all to all
the congregations throughout Asia Minor, but my service provider, who is
clearly not with us in spirit, considered this to be spamming and closed
down one of my accounts.

To those who are using Web based e-mail accounts, would you please remember
to empty your 'Inbox' regularly to avoid bounce-backs. If I keep getting
these, I will have to send Stephanas to Corinth with my messages to deliver
them to you personally.

In fact, if things don't improve, I may decide, for all future
correspondence, to go back to the slower but more reliable parchments and
courier system we used before Peter had his vision about global

Anyway, I want to write to you now on the important subject of

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