Priscilla's Friends
A Spiritual Audit
LOVE FOR GOD - with all my heart, mind, soul, strength: how am I doing in
these four areas? Does all this translate into a life of obedience to God? 

INTIMACY WITH GOD: how are my devotional disciplines (Bible reading, prayer,
spiritual reading)? 

PRAYER: specifically - how are the components of adoration, confession,
thanksgiving, supplication? Contemplation / meditation? 

LOVE FOR OTHERS: do I serve others each day without thought of reward? Am I an
encourager and non-judgmental listener? 

CHARACTER: (go through these slowly, one at a time): how's love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control? 

PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS/COMMUNITY: how am I currently nurturing relationships
with spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, God-children, friends? 

CHURCH: Am I a regular contributing member of a worshipping/missional
community? Are my skills/gifts available to others? 

THE WORLD: what ministries of evangelism, compassion and social justice am I
involved in regularly? Are one or two of these cross-cultural? 

INTEGRITY: how's the devil getting to me these days in terms of of money, sex,
power? How's my thought-life? 

TIME / SELF-MANAGEMENT: are my days, weeks, months, years 'balanced'? 

WORDS: am I thinking more carefully before I speak these days? 

WORK: do I believe my vocation is God-ordained? How does that translate into
the excellence with which I pursue it? Is my life balanced between work and

NATURE: do I take regular excursions into the natural world to find and relate
to God the creator/sustainer/redeemer there? 

RECREATION: are my leisure-pursuits (particularly TV watching and sporting
interests) for re-creation, or have they become time-consuming and idolatrous?
Do I have a regular weekly and yearly sabbath/quiet days/reflective retreats? 

HEALTH: Do I have a healthy diet, adequate exercise and sleep, regular
physical check-ups? 

THE MIND: Do I have a good balance in my reading? Spiritual discernment in
terms of media/ the world/ ethics/ politics etc.? Do I regularly read
theological/ devotional/ auto/biographical books? Is my thinking able to be
free of human ideological / theological systems, and comfortable with

STUFF: Do I have a desire to sell or give away more possessions than I bring
into my home? Do I (at least) tithe my money, skills and time? 
ACCOUNTABILITY: do I have a life-coach or mentor to help with reality-checking
and keeping to any covenants I've made? A spiritual director to assist in my
relationship with God? A group of peers to talk with and pray for one another? 

- Rowland Croucher

rowland @ johnmarkministries . org
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