Priscilla's Friends: A Resource for the Spouses of Pastors

About This Website

Purpose of this Site

The spouses of pastors - mostly women - are in a unique and often under-appreciated and under-supported position in the church. We at John Mark Ministries believe that the best way they can get help and encouragement is to meet regularly in local groups.

Toward that end, John Mark Ministries has been given a grant to produce this website for the spouses of pastors, particularly wives.

Assuming they might meet for a Bible study, discussion and prayer once a month for ten months a year, we are writing fifty studies (such as the one found on the Why Priscilla? page) to provide a rich resource to work with for five years. These studies will include biblical material, discussion-starters, stories from or about 'life in the manse/vicarage', and suggestions for prayer.

This website always under development and will expand indefnitely, so please do check back regularly to see what has been added and how the site is growing.

Site Accessibility

This site is best viewed at 800x600 resolution using 16-bit (High) or better color depth, and Internet Explorer 5+. The site makes liberal use of Cascading Style Sheets.

However, that being said, the site is accessible at 640x480 resolution, it is Lynx compatible, works with the graphics turned off, works in most older browsers, and it should work well enough at higher screen resolutions or on larger monitors. Our aim and intent is for the content of this website to be as accessible and available as possible, and toward that end we've gone reasonably light on the images, don't have many "special effects" (if any), made sure that the studies, devotionals, and other articles are printer friendly and reasonably streamlined. If you have any problems viewing or accessing the material on this website, please feel free to let us know what you're having a problem with (please include details such as your operating system, screen resolution, and what browser you're using so we can properly address the problem).

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