Priscilla's Friends: A Resource for the Spouses of Pastors
The Candle of Peace, Hope and Unity This, a Candle of Peace, Hope and Unity, was lit on 11th September, 2001 and has not been extinguished since.
- Rowland and Jan Croucher

We in John Mark Ministries have been concerned for many years about the 'least-pastored' group in the church - pastors' spouses. These people, mostly women, are the focus of this website. Using the ministering team of the Biblical couple Aquila and Priscilla as a model, we at JMM hope to provide encouragement, hope, and many resources for this specific and unique group of people.

A special request to visitors to this site: Kimberly Sutton, the spouse of a minister, writes, "We have pastored, and now we are missionaries preparing to leave for the field. The Lord has impressed on me to collect true stories of how God turned a bad situation around for His glory. A book for ministers' wives. As you know, there are not many books specifically for the wives. I am currently compiling them to send to a publisher and need about 100 stories. Would you be interested in helping me? Please contact me:"

An idea: Why not contact all the pastors' spouses in your town/suburb, and invite them to consider meeting regularly for study, discussion/sharing and prayer? Once a month for two hours, say ten months in the year, might be an optimum time-frame. Feel free to print out the materials on this website, particularly the Articles for Study/Discussion. We hope eventually to provide 50 of these - enough for five years! God bless you all!

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